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  1. Great stuff. I trawled through my present hard drive deleting everything relating to SS or OpenMG. I then ran CC cleaner. The SS reinstalled without any trouble. Thanks for all your help. Tony
  2. Thanks I have tried running Sonic Stage Information Restore Tool both with the firewall on and off. As you will from the attached screen captures it seems it might be trying to connect to the internet. But I can't get beyond the final screen. I can't find any files on my old hard drive other than the original SS43 Ultimate Zip and the those extracted at installtion. I'm sure there must be solution. However if there isn't then it will have to be goodbye to MD. Without Net MD the whole process of transferring files become to tedious and time consuming. A great shame. Tony
  3. Thanks for your rapid response. When I had to replace my hard drive I was not too concerned about saving my SS database as most of MD files were dropped down from language learning CD's (yes ATRAC still beats MP3 when it comes to the spoken word).. What I intended was to have a clean install of SS and then drop down these files as and when I needed them I've tried clean installing several times but the same problem occurs - The SS title page comes up to be instantly covered by the error message. Therefore I can't even use SS to burn a CD or make MP3 file even if I wanted. Is there
  4. I have 2 MZ-N707's. Until recently I had SS43 Ultimate working perfectly using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. When I originally installed SS I don't recall any problems. All I want to do is transfer files between my PC and my MD's My hard drive showed signs of failing for replaced it. However SS will not run. It seems to load up - the icon appears in the start menu, Net MD appears in the Devices & Printers. Net MD driver show under USB controllers with no yellow ticks. When I try to run SS it appears to open but is immediately covered by an error message which reads " The selected
  5. I ripped a CD as suggested and this seems to have solved the problem completely. Once again, Thanks
  6. SHARP MD - I deleted all the files from SS. I then imported just one MP3 track ripped from a CD. No tracks from this CD have been transferred previously. The file appeared to convert OK but then failed to transfer to MD. The error message stated unable to convert. I also tried a self recorded backing track recorded on Audacity and saved as an MP3 but still got the same result. SONY MD - both tracks transferred OK albeit a bit slowly.
  7. Hi Guys I've hit problems which I think are related to SS 1. Sharp MD via my Win 7 64 bit PC. I cannot transfer any kind of audio file. SS attempted to transfer but then shows an error message stating that file(s) cannot be transferred. None of these files have beeen transferred before. The same result using my old XP PC 2. Sony MZ-N707 (which I have borrowed) - initially the same problem with Win7. However I sucessfully transferred a file using SS on my old XP PC. I was then able to sucessfully load other files via SS on my Win 7. It is almost as if SS needed to be kick started.
  8. I think what cracked it finally was that I noticed that somewhere in the process the modified NETMD760 file had become corrupted. Under %NETMUSB device... modification the referencse to Sharp at the end of each modified line had disapeared. As soon I reinserted them Hey presto it worked. The correct modification is shown in my post of 7/1/12 - copy of amended file. I hope this may assist in helping others. Once again many thanks
  9. Sucess at last Thank you for all your assistance and great patience.
  10. Just to double check. Do I delete the SONYM.SUS.INF files?
  11. I am very grateful for the considerable efforts that you are making to sort out my problem. However I don't think I am understanding the process. I've checked again. I have deleted (though not permenantly) a number of .inf files named oem26 to oem35 and dated since we began this process. All except one referred to SONY NETMD. The exception referred to SHARP NETMD. (a) should these files have been deleted or only the contents ( should the SONYM.SUS.INF files that remain be deleted or just their content? If this situation is becoming to much of a problem, please let me know. May
  12. I have got rid of all the .infi files that have NETMD in the titled. There are 3 left titled SONYM.SUS.INF. Do I leave these? Also what about the associated .pnf files?
  13. The reference to NetMD76.inf was a typo on my part There seems to be about 16.inf files generated since I first tried to install SS. However I think only the last 3 are relevant as they appear to be different versions of the modified NetMD760. The earliest dated opens into a screen which I then have to OK. The 2 later dated open straight into the file. Which of these files do I delete
  14. Hi Guys Sorry I haven't been arround for a few days. This problem feels is a bit like mountain climbing and I had to rest before making another push to the summit. Here's where I am. Via Google I learned how and where to find oem.inf files. There's are several files. I've tried removing them completely or in various combinations with no luck. Strangely there was no .inf file that matched that which I posted on 7-1-12
  15. It looked like the drivers were going to install but then I got the message:- Windows encountered a problem installing software for your device. Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it ..... The driver installation for this device is missing a necessary entry. This may be because the INF was written for Windows 95 or later.
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