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  1. Using Standard 74mb disc with Vista

    WinRar has done the job. Thanks very much. Dave
  2. Using Standard 74mb disc with Vista

    Thanks for your reply. I have downloaded the driver but the file is a RAR file and not a .exe file as shown in the instructions. The RAR file will not run and I am not sure what to do next. Can you help? Thanks Dave
  3. Using Standard 74mb disc with Vista

    I have recently bought a Vista PC. I did not load the MD software from disc but I downloaded Sonic Stage v 4.3. from the Sony site. I can use this ok when using the IGB Hi MD disc but when I try to use a standard 74mb disc my MD player ( RH1 or RH10) is not recognise by SS. This always worked Ok on my XP machine. Can anyone help as I've got quite a few old discs that I don't want to throw away. Also is it possible to see time remaining on a disc now that Simple burner can't be used. Thanks Dave