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  1. SonicStage and Sony Ericsson W850i?

    Thanks for the replys guys... Wasn't aware you could drag and drop out of sonic stage I now have no problem dragging my MP3 format files accross but what about my *.omg files??? The phone manual says"Your phone supports the following file types: MP3 MP4 M4A AAC AAC+ Enhanced AAC AMR MIDI IMY EMY WAV and real8 the phone also supports streamed files that are 3GPP compatible" >>gets ready to sound dumb<<< is the AAC+ not atrac <<< moves away and waits for the laughter>>> Anyway my big problem seems to be these files with the *.omg extension if i could get them to a useable one every would be fine. Thx again
  2. SonicStage and Sony Ericsson W850i?

    Afternoon all , As i'm new here and seeking advice tis only manners to get the first round in, so what you all drinking I'm a sonicstage user along with my viao pocketplayer you no the big one with the colourscreen!!! I also usea vaio laptop and have now just added to the family with a new Sony ericsson W850i. My problem is now getting tracks onto the phone with as little hassle as poss, having said that i've now been trying to do it for 2 days, would have been quicker just to feed each cd in the phone software The sonicstage software claims to support transfer to memeorystick, therefore this should be simple, remove the momerystick from my phone place in to my sonycardreader built into my sony laptop and transfer music. SO why can't i see the memorystick in the drop down transfer list Any ideas