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  1. NetMD for Windows 7 64bit

    Success! I hadn't been able to find the device in my Device Manager because I was looking at USB ports. When I checked again, it had the device listed under "Other Devices". I was able to "Update Driver" from there, and it works. Sows up in SS and I've been able to transfer files. Thanks so much! I'd really given up on this device ever working through my Windows 7 laptop. Now I don't have to drag out my old XP laptop to transfer files. Joel Cee
  2. NetMD for Windows 7 64bit

    I went back through the process as directed, but the device still isn't recognized, and the troubleshooter says the driver is "missing". I assume the "ACCESS" process means the device is trying to find the driver, but it obviously isn't. There are 3 files in the driver file: netmd60 Security catalog NETMD60 Setup information NETMD60.sys System File Does "unpacking" the file nedessarily install it? Or is there something more I need to do, since it apparently isn't recognized as installed? "and you will have fun getting Windows to recognize that driver you just downloaded, by pointing the Windows USB installer at the new files (the file it will point at is netmd760.inf but it will need .cat and .sys in the same director when you do that)." Do I need to get into Windows USB Installer to actually install the file? If so, how do I do that? Perhaps this is the key. Sorry if this seems ignorant, but I just don't know what it means to "point" the installer at the new files? I'm encouraged to know it sounds like I'm nearly there-sounds like I need help in actually installing these files. And I'd appreciate anyone else can weigh in regarding what to do the be sure if old SS 4.3 is off the computer. I have done "Uninstall", but is there more I need to do? Thanks! Joel
  3. NetMD for Windows 7 64bit

    I downloaded the driver as indicated. I tried following the instructions shown in #81, but don't understand the part involving the Windows USB Installer. Nothing seemed to happen. I may have made a mistake in that I turned on Sonic Stage before I plugged the player in. When I did, on the view window, I got "ACCESS" with the white dots moving back and forth. But the device wasn't showing up in Sonic Stage and was unrecognized, indicating a missing driver, same problem I had before. I unplugged it, then plugged it back in, and then got nothing in the window. Neither MD option shows up in the Transfer window. Also, do I need to do more than "Uninstall" to get rid of Sonic Stage? Some earlier posts indicated that some parts have to be removed manually, which I have no idea how to do. Actually, before I posted the first time, I'd downloaded Avrin's program. When I installed it, it automatically uninstalled the version of 4.3 and replaced it with Avrin's program. Let me know if there's more I need to do to get rid of the original 4.3. I guess I need more explanation about how to install the drivers, and how to be sure I've totally remolved 4.3. Thanks! Joel Cee
  4. NetMD for Windows 7 64bit

    This issue may have been addressed above, but I'm not tech-savvy enough to follow a lot of the discussion. If the answer was addressed, please direct me back to the appropriate post. I have an MZ-M200. My laptop is running Windows 7 Professional. Like the others, it will not recognize the device, indicates the driver is missing, does a search for drivers and comes up empty. I tried downloading & installing 4.3 Ultimate, but get the same problem. I didn't see the MZ-M200 driver among the specific ones listed on the download section. Is it hopeless getting the device to run on this computer, or is there a fix out there? If there is a driver available, please let me know where I can download it. I think I saw a comment in the thread that this model might be a problem. When I got the computer, I was concerned because I had an old copy of Filemaker that I knew wouldn't run on System 7. When I asked the salesperson what to do, she had me upgrade to 7 Professional, saying that it would allow my version of Filemaker to run, which it does. I was hoping this might work the same with my MD, but no dice. I got it specifically to transfer my MD files to a backup hard drive, since MD appears to be going away. It was recommended that I get this device (by Minidisc Access) to do this. It never occurred to me that it might not run on Windows 7. When I couldn't get it to recognize the product, I wrote Sony & they said it wasn't compatible with Windows 7. I use the device on my old laptop, running XP,where it works just fine, but would prefer to use my new one if possible. Any suggestions? Thanks! Joel Cee