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  1. AVD-C70ES optical block.....

    Trying to find out what the optical block model/part number is for the AVD-C70ES. It 's going to be an easy fix if I can just get the right part number! Here is a picture of mine with a bunch of part numbers that are not helping me in my search....
  2. A Question About Recording Quality

    I'm sorry, I don't follow....?????
  3. A Question About Recording Quality

    The sound quality (to me) of PCM on Hi-MD vs. PCM on a standard MD is the same. The only benefit of the Hi-MD disc is much longer PCM recording time. I like using PCM/Hi-MD to transfer my LP's to CD. I have also transferred LP's to CD via standard ATRAC MD and that sound OK too. But, there is a difference going from PCM/Hi-MD to ATRAC MD. Probably wouldn't notice much of a difference on a portable or car use but I can tell on my home audio system. Just my two cents.....
  4. A Question About Recording Quality

    Here is a brief primer... http://www.sony.net/...dex.html#family http://en.wikipedia....Acoustic_Coding
  5. Obligatory "Show us your gear" post.

    I like it! If people can display their figurines why not your MD players. Looks good....
  6. Here's my contribution; one measly coffee cup. Got it many a moon ago when I worked at a small electronic/appliance store.
  7. KDL-60EX720 vs. KDL-55HX800

    Chris, you may want to go back and re-negotiate the prices with Sony. They seem kinda high. I had a Sony KDF-E42A10 that had the blue blob. I contacted Sony and I ended up buying a 52EX700 for $600.00. Your set was substantially more than mine so I would think you could negotiate a much better deal. My set was built in '05 and I think yours was from '04-'05. I would think the 800 series would be better. That's the monolithic design that they are using on their flagships. Check out the link on facebook..."I have a defective sony" People will post their deals to give you an idea. Good Luck!
  8. Obligatory "Show us your gear" post.

    Pulled out my JA50ES the other day. Boy, this thing is built like a tank.
  9. External DAC

    My friend is running the Cambridge Audio DacMagic in his systems and ti sounds great...especially for the money. sfpb; no one is saying that Onkyo is low-fi. Actaully, for the money, Onkyo is great equipment. But it sounds to me that bluecrab is a 2 channel guy so a multi-channel receiver may be overkill. A piece of audio equipment is just a means to an end, a tool if you will. The Onkyo would have features that bluecrab would probably never use. No sense making things more complicated than they need to be. What's the old plumbers saying; "the fancyier the plumbing, the easier it is to stop it up".
  10. Obligatory "Show us your gear" post.

    Here's my MZ-1. I don't use it much but it still works! Heck, it's almost 20 years old....
  11. Obligatory "Show us your gear" post.

    Here's a picture of the connectors from the MD player to the mother board. Hope this helps...
  12. Obligatory "Show us your gear" post.

    I also have a Sony PCV-MXS20 desktop with MD. Everything works fine...just don't use it too often. Has a nice case though...
  13. Obligatory "Show us your gear" post.

    Wow, this is a cool site. I've been using MD since day one. I still have my MZ-1...and it still works! I have several pieces of MD gear but my favorite, and most used, is my Alpine dual DIN CD/MD head unit.