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  1. Broken NWZ-A828 Walkman

    Now i went to the support repairing and they told me repair is not available because on these models (A828) rthere are not parts to replace. Must buy only a new product at 120 euros. Or I can find on ebay the board replace. Anyone know if in internet can find the board replace for this model NWZ-A828 ?
  2. Broken NWZ-A828 Walkman

    Hi when i press hard the yoypad the screen goes into artifacts with grey liness and with color offsets. Then reboot. I putted CRC contact cleaner now it doesn't not turn on the secreen is dead. blue led blinked faintly without wire the 2 boards: only if the battery was plugged. PS: now doesn' not blink more and the battery was 3.3 V
  3. Broken NWZ-A828 Walkman

    Hi i am new in this forum I have a A828 now broken that sounds more detailed and highs are higher than the new A series. In the new A series the sound is less brilliant: each music instrument is not so separate and not easily distinguishable from the overall music. But the problem i have is the volume: seems there is a volume limit. I bought it in italy. I entered in the Service Menu and the SP function still be ON: can't deactivate it or maybe i don't know how I seen on the net there is another combination to enter in test mode or limit the volume cap: it is: home screen - turn hold ON - right - left - volume up - volume down - right - left - option - back - option - back But i tryed it and it doesn't enter in it.. Maybe the volume limit is made by hardfware? maybe with a resistor o an impedance into the HP plug? PS: why Sony decided to lose the DAC Gain function in their new A series Service Menus?