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  1. NWZ-E453 reset to factory defaults wrong region

    Hello, all I did was: settings > common settings > reset/format > Reset All Settings > yes ! Nothing special! Normally I expected when changing language the region would be changed. But this seem to be wrong . best regards rainer
  2. Hallo, My Player has the wrong region after "reset to factory defaults". Problem : radio has now the wrong range of frequency. In Europe it is 88 to 108 mhz.. But now I have 76-90 mhz. After the reset I first was wondering why language did change to japan not to english. But this I could change easylyy. But radio frequency problem still remains. I found a link to activate the service-menue. There I can see the region settings are "j" and not 'E'. But I can not find a way to change this, Has anybody an idea? best regards rainer