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  1. Prs 505 - Sony md walkman: can share charger ?

    >What it the rated current output of the charger for the PRS-505? The output is 5 V and 800 mA. Spec of the reader tells 5.2 V. May this little difference (.2) explain the problem? >Is the USB cable for the reader the standard larger connector on one end and the mini-USB connector on the other end? Will the reader charge from the USB >port on a PC or Mac? Yes it is the connector USB standard on one end and mini usb on the reader side. The reader charges perfectly from a laptop running vista. The only problem is that sometimes I don't want to switch on the laptop only for charging (for 4 hours...) the reader ... >However you can get a $10 charger that will charge the reader through the round charge socket. >There's no way to tell what specs will work, so you must go into a store and try it. Or at least buy from someone with a good return policy. Is this kind of testing safe for the reader ? I mean: it is not possible to damage the reader trying an incorrect charger isn't it ? thanks to both of you for sharing your experience Bye Nicola
  2. Hello all, I have a prs 505 sony reader. Charging with the supplied usb cable is, sometimes, not so handy. So I am wondering if I can use the charger includer with another sony product I have, the minidisc walkman MZ RH1. In fact I've already tried but the reader does not get charged .. any suggestion ? thanks bye Nicola