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  1. The TV is tilted, and I have a rather clever setup for the fireplace for I assume the heat concern? The tv is actually recessed back about 24in and does not absorb any heat distributed by the fireplace. No more than if it was on the floor across from the fireplace. Besides, I wouldn't be dumb enough to mention that!
  2. I've recently moved and installed my TV above a fireplace. The TV sits a little higher than usual but viewing the TV is good. However it seems like when I use the 3D glasses I have to stand up to get it to work. If I move my head around a bit I can get it to go a little but for the most part there seems to be a issue. The transmitter is attached to the top of the TV. Is this a range issue? Or perhaps just a battery issue with my glasses? Is the transmitter using a radio frequency or is it IR or line of site based? Thanks!!
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