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  1. My MDS-JE500 went belly up.

    I've had a MDS-JE500 for about 6 months now, and now it won't record. Every time I try to record I get a "Retry" and then a "Retry Error." According to www.minidisc.org, the MDS-JE500 had a problem where that happened if you tried to start titling/labeling within 10 seconds of starting to record. My problem usually happens within 2-3 seconds of starting to record and them goes in an endless loop of "Retry" then "Retry Error" splitting into another track every time. Now..... A) Can I fix this? Sony told me it would need to be repaired. How much could this cost? C) (I think this is in the wrong section) Does anyone have a JE520 or any deck in the 6** or 7** section that they sell for under $100? -Corey