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  1. Warning for iamorangeshop.com

    Hello sfbp You read correctly, she, "Maggie" with e-mail iamorangeshop@188.com want that i pay for the C H I N E S E customs to her own bank account. The package never arrived europe and switzerland also not. Now i have informed at first PayPal and PayPal said they will contact iamorangeshop.com Really can you help me to find a brand new MZ-RH1? I always look on eBay but a new one costs from 370.00 USD without shipping. Regards
  2. Hello Members I ordered a Brand new SONY MZ-RH1 at iamorangeshop.com for 270.00 USD. I have ordered also one and want to pay with PayPal (listed on the webshop iamorange.com) but after registration and ordering i only could pay with western union or bank transfer. "Maggie" from iamorangeshop.com informed me per mail PayPal have too high charges. So i make the payment with bank transfer. Some days later a "Maggie" from iamorangeshop.com contact me per e-mail i have to pay 130.00 USD more because the package was on the chinese customs and they want to pay for it its declared as a gift. But as i ordered the intem on webshop i wrote as special information "please write price and price for shipping on the package". She returned me a smile as e-mail and i never seen the package and the MZ-RH1. So my warning now dont order at !!! iamorangeshop.com !!! Regards