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  1. Hi , i have a bunch of Std-mds and only one Hi-MD and wanted to make sound test between (MZ-NH1 vs MZ-RH1) , now my MZ-NH1 plays all standard MD discs except the Hi-md disc it says ( can't play) , whatever i change Disc Mode etc. The Hi-md disc was formatted and files downloaded via an MZ-RH1 device , i have no dedicated cable for the NH1 to download from it neither the charging cradle a USB out to be able to connect , idk if the problem caused by downloading via the RH1 , while everything seems to be ok with the RH1 no errors . Any help would be appreciated Thx in advc
  2. Yea sure , hope you get back with something interesting
  3. Thanks alot , it works now and the problem seems to be Win7 64 , or SS 4.4 or simply their combination . Idk why i stuck with SS 4.4 i remember reading that before it only supports Hi-MD units >>> maybe wikipedia , anyways on WinXP SS 4.3 everything looks fine .
  4. Thanks for ur reply , actually i've installed Sonicstage v4.4 (idk if a previous version is better) or if it what corrupts the process , SS can't recognize the MZ-RH1 if i set it to ( Mode : MD mode ) , but i still can reformat it in Hi-MD and it will work . Another problem is that i can't seem to reformat it in Std-MD original MD format by the device once it got formatted in HiMD .
  5. Hi all , i have both Hi-MD devices , mz-nh1 and mz-rh1 and a bunch of old Std-MD devices those are not Net-MDs . The question now is , can i download (sp,lp2,lp4) on a std-md using a HiMD machine to be able to play them on a non-HiMD machine , and how ? Thx in advc