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  1. KDL-32W650A Wall Mount

    Just checking if any one has bought this Sony TV yet? I like/need the smaller TV's for my work space. I have a GoPro black witch is very high res. so I need 1080 plus to get the full effect. It is a smart TV but it seams a little bit of a gimmick to me. I use the laptop as my WWW sorce. So far I'm really liking the TV. The stock mount is ok but not what I need. Any one els have one yet. I bought mine at Best Buy in Canada.
  2. KDL-32W650A Wall Mount

    Ya Apple did it to.
  3. KDL-32W650A Wall Mount

    Here's what the holes look like.
  4. KDL-32W650A Wall Mount

    Here is what i have so far.
  5. KDL-32W650A Wall Mount

    So i just bought the 32W650A for the man cave. i want it to mount it in the corner above the computer table. Well they don`t make one that mounts in the corner. They do make a Full range mounting arm but it`s for flat walls. So i made my own corner Bracket to mount the full range arm to. Only problem is the TV so far. It does not have the standard mounting hole pattern in the back. It has two holes upper back and two holes in the bottom underneath the TV. The arm i'm using has standard flat brackets For a flat surface to mount to. Any one seen any thing out there or is it back to the shop to fab up something.