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  1. Hi, I have a Sony Trinitron TV Model # KV-27FS12 that I bought new back in 2001... This is the first time I have ever tried to install an HD digital converter box to my Sony... For some reason I can't get picture/video to the Sony... I can take the Coaxial cable the exact way I had it hooked up to my Sony... Take the Coaxial that says out to TV from the HD digital converter box to another analog TV and it works fine on the other TV... So everything is hooked up right... I have a dvd player hooked up to the Sony Trinitron and I can play DVD's and the picture works great on my Sony Trinitron... So, nothing is wrong with the tube... I don't have my remote to the Sony Trinitron.... I have went through the menu on the TV.... Is there a step I am missing do I need to change something in the menu? I looked through the Menu and I don't see anything I should change... The HD digital converter box is set on channel 3 and my TV is on Channel 3... ALso, I can hook up RCA jacks on the back of the HD digital converter box and hook them up to the Video 1 and change the TV to Video 1 and I will get sound that way but no picture...