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  1. Sony Soundbar Problem HT-CT660

    I recently purchased the new Sony W9 55" TV along with the HT-CT660 sound-bar. For the first few days it was fine until we started to hear a crackling/popping noise every 15-20 mins when listening to the TV. We placed the soundbar on standby and tried various settings but this sound could still be heard every now and again. We had the TV changed out and the noise still remained !! Finally we have traced the noise to the Soundbar and the ARC link (via HDMi) that allows the TV and soundbar to be linked. We have now connected up the TV to the soundbar via fibre optic cable and this seems to have cured the noise however we now have to manually set the TV to output to the soundbar via the TV menu. Has anyone else had this issue with the soundbar? If so how did you get around it?? I would really like to use the soundbar ARC link setting and if there is a way to use an HDMI cable to use ARC setting but not giving any popping noises please can you tell me how you got around this problem.