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  1. Sound Sustem for Bravia

    We have had a Bravia 46FX400 Television for over a year and we are quite happy with it. The only gripe we have is the sound quality but then what should one expect from a pair of midget speakers pointing toward the wall behind the TV . Last week we decided it was time for an improvement. Understand that we have no desire for a "Home Theater", just some modicum of improvement in the sound quality. The first system that seemed to fit the bill was the "Bose Solo" setup. We were ready to order one when it occurred to us to see if there was a Sony system that was competitive that might be a better match with the Sony, Bravia TV. A little research quickly made it appear that the Sony HT-CT260 was the perfect unit so we purchased one. However, after studying the installation manual it appears that we will be adding a third Remote Control to the collection which is the last thing we want. We already must use the TV Remote to turn the TV on and make input selections as well as other adjustments then for Channel changes etc, we must use the Cable Remote. Are we I going to have to use the "Sound Bar Remote" as well in the daily operation or will the Sound Bar simple turn on and off and operate as an extension of the TV? Mike