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  1. Steve

    PlayNow Arena

    I think it is. Although not very visible. It appears as if it is just available to the Nordic countries. But: Click on the UK on the map and then click on "Shop for more". That is how I accessed the Dutch store and bought MP3s.
  2. Steve

    PlayNow Arena

    They are sold at 320 Kbps for 0,99 euro over here
  3. Steve

    PlayNow Arena

    PlayNow Arena has now openend in The Netherlands. I just bought my first tracks. So perhaps the other four countries were added also?!
  4. I ordered mine (16Gb, 739F) on SonyStyle, Netherlands shop. I received it on September, 24
  5. Steve


    There's supposed to be a video of the TV behind that link, below the article. I can see it (Windows Media Player plugin)
  6. Steve


    What do you think of this SONY OLED TV Prototype? This TV is thinner than 1 millimeter. http://webwereld.nl/articles/53017/sony-on...millimeter.html
  7. Steve

    PlayNow Arena

    Oh, I read that PlayNowArena will be released in Q4 in The Netherlands, The UK, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria. Great! Source: http://blog.se-nse.net/2008/09/24/playnow-...five-countries/
  8. Steve

    PlayNow Arena

    Does anyone have any idea when Sony Ericsson's PlayNow Arena will be released in other European countries than the Nordic countries? http://www.playnow-arena.com/ I would really love to use this service to buy my MP3 music. What about you?
  9. Steve

    New Sony DAPs?

    Received it yesterday afternoon. I love the noise canceling a lot! Got questions? Ask me. Got some pics over here Steve
  10. Steve

    New Sony DAPs?

    I will probably receive my NWZ-S739F this afternoon . I don't think I will write a full review about it, but if you have any direct questions about it, let me know.
  11. Steve

    New Sony DAPs?

    I am considering buying one of the new S series, the S739 with 16 Gb
  12. Oooh guest blogs on the Sony blog...that is interesting!!
  13. Steve, 32, Sony fan ever since I was a kid. I work in the financial industry in The Netherlands. Love gadgets, music, movies, web2.0. I managed to collect all sorts of Sony products, like a VAIO, a Bravia, several Walkmans, Playstations (PS3,PSP,PS2), SE phone etc. My latest addition will be the T77 Cybershot Camera...I can't wait to receive it. Love to see this community grow! If you want to add me on the PSN Network, please do!
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