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  1. RT @WeeBirdGlasgow: When it's time to feather your nest, tweeps 2 chirp 2 & #FF: @saltmarket_ @IndicaShop @gilliankyle @RichardMcKay @Think

  2. Photoset: After a years absence my glass work is back on the go. Since 2003 I have been making these Autumn... http://t.co/23RIdGEWIt

  3. shocking someone talking this much sense has only 30 views...Jeane Freeman Lanark Aug 31 2013: http://t.co/agjWvZEsd5 via @youtube

  4. Merge Exhibit. Skypark. All day. Everyday. 42 examples of homegrown Glasgow talent. https://t.co/ABgJpb0xFK

  5. THE SIGN IS BACK!!!!! #savecessnocksign thanks @GlasgowSubway I didn't think it would happen. Impressed!

  6. Loving the wee tweeks and additions that happen to an exhibition over time. Popped into #mergeglasgow today and its looking lovely.

  7. RT @GlasgowSubway: @gilliesart It's on its way, honest! Keep an eye out here for updates.

  8. Video: I really need a decent web cam then i can make decent videos…. Sumi Ink trial number two…. http://t.co/jiJqwWu3HA

  9. Photo: My first Sumi Ink painting. The flash turned the paper blue, but i liked the look so this is how it... http://t.co/gUMvlgAlhk

  10. Hi guys I have been trawling through all this for a couple days. I am way confused. I d/l the sonicsoundstage ultimate version but I cant get/find the drivers for my Sharp Net Md IM-DR410E(s) Been reading a lot of conflicting posts on various sites with a lot of old dead ends. Im not even sure allthough some say to the contrary sonic sound stage is compatible. Is there an alterntive software or how indeed do i find these mystery drivers...... Pete
  11. So glad to of found the art scene I was looking for in Glasgow. #reflections #happydays

  12. Thursday Eve Book Night down at #mergeglasgow come down if your free bring your fav arty book to share. feel free to bake a cake also...

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