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  1. Thank you so much for your reply Inquisitor - I'd ticked the 'follow this topic' box assuming I'd be emailed re any further posts but as that didn't happen i supposed that no-one had replied. So i've missed those on ebay but will look at the models you recommended. You're damn right he loves MDLP ! You have been very very helpful
  2. My elderly father has an elderly Sony DHC-ZX50MD which he has been in love with - but is devastated that it keeps erasing some of his minidiscs. Can anyone recommend a repairer around Middlesex/Surrey/London where he can take it to be looked at? Or at this stage do you think there's no point as it's too old and I should try and get him another second hand but younger system. He's too stuck in his ways to learn how to use a new system really - and at his age. It's too big obviously to post many thanks in anticipation of a reply.
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