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  1. Same thing happened to me again with a recent Windows upddate, and for a wonder, the same fix also worked again. Honestly, I've no idea why this should work, but it's done it for me twice now, so colour-me-happy.
  2. Well I am at an utter loss to explain this, but SonicStage is working again. Joy !!! All I did was boot into safe mode and try running SonicStage. The first time I tried I got the expected error message saying the application had stopped working, but with a weirdly optimistic sense of persevenence I decided to try again, and this time it worked! SonicStage started up, no error messages were displayed and I was able to access the menus, etc. This was all on a blank database, so I shut SS down again, copied across the backup of my database and restarted; and SS still worked. All my artist & album details loaded correctly, I could change views and sort lists; basically everything seemed to be running fine...touch wood. So to confirm that this wasn't just a fluke, or would only work in safe mode, I restarted Windows and openned SS again - still working!!! Sooooooo Happy I have no idea what may have changed for SS to suddenly start working again, and frankly, as long as it continues to work, I don't really care. Just thought I'd update on the status of this on the off chance it may help someone else.
  3. Oh the Humanity! I've just started having the same problem on my Windows 7 64-bit machine; SonicStage crashes everytime I try to load it ever since Windows applied updates on 13 December. All I get is the generic "SonicStage Application has stopped working" message...thank-you for being so helpful, Windows :angry: . I tried restoring my laptop to prior to the updates installing, but the restore failed and gave me a BSoD and I lost the only restore point I had that was prior to the update. Tried uninstalling & reinstalling only to find that Sony has closed the download server, effectively killing SonicStage. Luckily I discovered this forum with the "SonicStage 4.3 Ultimate Edition" and promptly signed up so I could download it, but even with this installed I'm still encountering the same problem. Tried the registry edit, but HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREWow6432NodeSony CorporationSonicStageEMDHomeURL doesn't exist so that won't fix the problem - has anybody found anyway to fix this other than the registry edit solution? Gotta say, this is killing me! I love my Walkman and SonicStage both and I am NOT ready to let them go, so any help at all would be appreciated. Thanks!
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