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  1. Hi, Now that I've transferred a lot of MD's to my PC I've got a transfer problem for the first time when trying to transfer the contents of a 74 min MD: it's a self recorded choir concert consisting of 26 tracks (about 62 min). There seems to be no problem with transfer but when I try to confirm correct transfer by playing the first seconds of each track one of the tracks (#12) isn't found. After playing track #11 in full length track #12 will be skipped so that track #13 is played immediately after track #11. I've tried to solve the problem by deleting track #12 from the transferred files and transferring it again from MD without success. On the other hand there isn't any problem to get played track #12 by MZ-RH1. Any ideas? Thanks in advance pudu51
  2. Hi, according to SonicStage's Help function there are three possible programs: PictureGear Studio Version 1.0 or later DigitalPrint Version 1.0 or later LabelMaker Version 5.0 or later Which one would you recommend most for Win7 64bit? Thanks in advance reinhardz
  3. Success :-)! This is how it works with Win7 64bit: 1. Download SS4.3 Ultimate Rel. 2 und NETMD760 driver from here. 2. Unzip driver to a certain folder. 3. Install SS. 4. Start SS. 5. Insert a NETMD into RH1. 6. Connect RH1 to PC via USB cable. 7. You'll get a message that Windows couldn't find an appropriate driver - click it away. 8. Open Device Manager by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Security, and then, under System, clicking Device Manager. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.‌ 9. In the list of hardware categories, locate any "Unknown Device" entry, which likely represents the device just connected - it's marked by a yellow triangle - and then double-click the device name. 10. Click the Driver tab, click Update Driver, and point Windows to the folder which contains the unzipped driver files. 11. Win7 will install the drivers. After completion you'll find NET MD device in USB-Controller category. 12. SS will show the contents of the NET MD on the right side of the screen. Now selected tracks can be transferred to PC with about tenfold speed :-). 13. Afterwards, you can save selected tracks as wav files to PC and covert them to other audio file formats with an additional program. 14. Enjoy! Thanks again for helping. reinhardz
  4. Thank you very much for your clarifying answer :-)! Now a RH1 is on its way to me ... As to sonic stage: will that here offered SonicStage4.3 "Ultimate" Release 2 work with Win7 64bit? Have I to find special drivers? Best regards pudu51
  5. Dear Experts Minidisc is great, but - today - I like my smartphone better. Therefore I'd like to transfer my Minidisc music data to MP3 data. Unfortunately, my MDS-JB 930 only outputs wav-files in real time. So, what have I to do to achieve my goal? Have I to buy a new MD player? Have I to install a certain software on my Win7 64 bit computer? Be assured that any help really is appreciated! Many thanks in advance, best regards pudu51