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  1. Netmd driver

    From one ol' grump to another, that has worked perfectly, now I,m off skiing (joking) I'd probably break my good leg. Much appreciated. Regards
  2. Netmd driver

    I have windows10 64 O.S. and cannot install netmd driver. The driver has been downloaded and I have extracted all files on to my desk top. When I go to update driver on device manager windows 10 finds the driver but cannot install. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards.
  3. Get NetMD. sys out of explorer

    If you click on the ink it may help explain my situation file:///C:/Users/seanm/Desktop/Net%20md%20file%20exp..html
  4. I somehow have got explorer opening or trying to open my NetMD sys driver file, it obviously does not work Any suggestions on how I can return to it's normal state. Thanks in advance
  5. Installing NETMD Drive

    I am thinking of installing free windows 10 upgrade, is this process likely to work with windows 10
  6. How do I install the NETMD driver from Zip file as there isn't an exe file within the zip. I can unzip the file but can not work out how to install the driver from the file