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  1. I followed the steps you laid out.....rebooted and tried the installation again. Worked straight away for me. Thanks, Andy.
  2. many thanks...all up and running now. Take care, Andy.
  3. Thanks for the help. The Windows 7 I have is 32 bit Professional
  4. No mater what I try I cant get Sonic Stage Ultimate 4.3 to install....the files install ok but as the program runs, uninstalls old versions etc it then terminates with error code 2041 I have searched and searched and searched but I still cant get Sonic Stage or Net MD to run on my windows 7 (32 bit) computer. I would be grateful for help to solve this. Many thanks, Andy, PS I have deleted all sonic stage programs and net md in the control panel, then the registry keys and then run CCleaner registry checker then re-booted. Then tried to re install Sonic Stage ultimate but still no joy?!?!!