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  1. Recording or Playback Error? MZ-R900

    yeah, i have searched quite a bit, concerning my initial issue i have found next to nothing as to why there are minor skips/gaps in playback. as for the NEW BLACK DISK on all disks including ones i have NOT edited or T marked since their last use (certainly NOT blank) i have found a few fixes and what not, most of which say to do only as a last resort/ some even a shot in the dark/ no returning from. if needed i am prepared to take the risk, i am quite handy with electronics as well as a soldering iron so im not intimidated by bridging the ribons connections with wire but i wanted to bounce some ideas off of some actual people that may have experience either with this or a similar model and possibly get a more current bit of input on the matter, in case a last ditch effort is not needed/ if a simpler fix could reslove one or both problems. i cleaned the laser as best as one can but to no avail. whats bugged me about the latest (blank disk/potential dmged ribbon) is the fact that literally minutes prior the player worked just fine (aside from the few playback skips that were mapped to specific time spots - the first OP issue) so unless the movement ove the head is enough in itself to tear/pull the connections loose i can't think what might have caused it. i didn't drop or move the unit at all off a table during the small window of time from fine to fu**** but i guess ill open em up and check out the ribbon since things are moving slowly
  2. a novice needs help with MZ-R900

    Any chance you changed the REC mode and changed from LP2 or 4 or maybe mono and have two types of recording types going on a disk? my buddy did that and couldn't listen to half a disk in his player until he changed it back and re recorded
  3. Recording or Playback Error? MZ-R900

    Just Nah? 70+ and not a word? well now its showing ALL of my Disks as Blanks (which i found a few "fixes" for (no thanks to this place, har har) that i havn't tried yet, as im not sure if such a harsh approach is needed as of yet) so i am wondering if my first issue was a small symptom sort of forshadowing the larger issue that is now present? which might be a loose ribbon? about to take it apart but again, if ANYONE has any ideas about why you'd get small skip/gaps in recording and currently Blank Disks reading (usually after Editing TOC after adding Track marks) all would be most welcome if anyone can spare the time.. since youre here reading anyway... many thanks -Viconaut
  4. hey guys, im new to these parts, so forgive me if it shows. i seem to have what i believe is an error in recording? but i suppose i can only notice it while playing back. i recorded a whole Discography to an MD via my laptop/ 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable and when i playback randomly there are what seems like skips or pauses almost muted sections of silence but they are only long enough to be annoying and spaced so wildly that it can't be anything actually causing the player to skip (playback or recording) though each of the silences ARE recorded as i can rewind and confirm their places in any given track. does anyone know what might cause this? i have recorded a couple MDs worth of stuff with the same Player/cables/PC and am not certain as to what may be causing it but its very troublesome as i AM limited to real time recording with the R900 :/ so any advice would be awesome thanks Vico