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  1. Sony xperia z3 sound problems

    I am now due for upgrade and am tempted by the z3, however I have read numerous reviews where users have said they are missing notifications as the volume despite being on max is really low. Has anyone found a way of boasting the volume to get around this? If not I think I might just get a galaxy s5 instead.
  2. Are All Ringtone Sites Free?

    Are All Ringtone Sites Free? If you've ever scoured the internet for free ringtones for your phone, then you've already discovered that it's not easy to find truly free ones. The problem is, lots of websites lead you into thinking that what they offer is totally and completely free with no strings attached – until you try and download something. Some websites redirect you to unrelated pages full of advertisements and others might ask you to pay a subscription or fee to get a ringtone. Then, ultimately, there's the question of legality. As you can imagine, there are lots of websites that aren't actually considered 100% legal even though they have some ringtones that are considered legal. The content that's offered usually gives you a clue: if a website gives out ringtones from the latest songs, then it's probably best to keep away from downloading those specific ringtones. 1.freeringtonesdownload.info 2.Zedge.net 3.Tones6.com 4.Tones7.com 5.Audiko.net 6.Cellbeat.net