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  1. Sony xperia z3 sound problems

    I am now due for upgrade and am tempted by the z3, however I have read numerous reviews where users have said they are missing notifications as the volume despite being on max is really low. Has anyone found a way of boasting the volume to get around this? If not I think I might just get a galaxy s5 instead.
  2. Z3 died for no reason and won't switch on

    Got my z3 about 6 weeks ago and so far had no problems with it. However went to bed last night with a 60% battery. When woke up this morning phone was dead. It won't switch on. I've tried charging it but get no red light to indicate charging nor will it switch on whilst charging. As you can imagine I'm not happy that a brand new phone is doing this. Any suggestions as to what to do? Download free ringtones for mobile: http://freeringtonesdownload.info/