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  1. Dear Friends, Thanks a lot for sucha detailed answer and time spent. I will consider those options. Meanwhile I bought yesterday a used Pioneer MJ D707 for almost no money to have it as a stationary unit at home. And made a home recording with it .... It brings already a fantastic result. So I think if I buy the ones you mentioned it will be exactly what is needed. I wonder why this Atrac comression makes such a natural recording so simple? It is still digital but somehow more humane... Is there any clear explanation for this? Thanks a lot for advice ideed! Anton www.luteduo.com
  2. Dear Community, Some 12 years ago being still a conservatory student, I owed a sony MD player as many of us did. Then somehow I put it away..... Recently after having recorded some Cds with regular digital equipment I started to seriously doubt concerning the end result and realized that my old midi life recordings have some musical aspects which I totally miss on cds. I definitely cannot explain this in terms of physics...... I decided to buy a reel to reel band machine for studio registration and return to MD for portable concert session recordings. Those two formats have something at the end which is not about resolution and quality of sound - it is about music itself. It is quite obvious to me. So I would like to kindly ask for advise - which MD recorder you find appropriate and probably best for this, since as far as I know the ATRAC format made some advances after MZ - R70 which I had. Thanks a lot for attention and time reading this. Anton www.luteduo.com