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  1. DHC-MD373 MD/CD Player Recorder " blank disk"

    That's a pity Thanks for the help
  2. DHC-MD373 MD/CD Player Recorder " blank disk"

    No Screen reads "blank disc"
  3. DHC-MD373 MD/CD Player Recorder " blank disk"

    Just to resurect this topic The seller didn`t want it back so I have perceviered a bit more and found that the you tube problem was a red herring the actual; problem is : It burns and will then play a brand new minidisc from a commercial CD using "CD-MD sync". perfectly. It wont burn an erased previously recorded minidisc. It appears to be actualy burning the previously recorded one because you get all the track no`s and track times coming up on the screen in real time and when complete after ejecting "Toc writing" on the screen but when you re-insert the minidisc and press play " blank disc" on the screen. Any ideas again please?
  4. DHC-MD373 MD/CD Player Recorder " blank disk"

    I now get "blank disc" on any recording so am sending unit back as is obviously faulty. Now looking for a replacement. Thanks for all the help
  5. DHC-MD373 MD/CD Player Recorder " blank disk"

    Definatley No error mesage first "TOC" then "blank disk" when the recording is finished. I did get on one CD "protected CD" message on screen but then it went through all the usual stuff. The recording source is various commercial CDs ( Columbia CD etc) bought from music shop about 20 years ago. When recording the screen indicates "rec", "sync", "track no.", "level sync", "CD", " mins secs" "CD" rotating symbol, "MD" rotating symbol Buttons pressed to start recording " cd-md-sync" first then "MD" But as I said before you tube files copied to blank CD and then to MD are OK Thanks again
  6. DHC-MD373 MD/CD Player Recorder " blank disk"

    Thanks for the help It records from the radio ok and plays ok but it looks like it just wont record protected CDs? Any other thoughts
  7. Help please I have just bought a DHC MD373MD/CD combined player recorder which will transfer music tracks from a CD ripped from windows media player recorded from Youtube to the MD but when I try to record a copyright protected CD it goes through the motions but when completed " blank disc" appears on the screen. Does anyone no if it is possible to record from a protected cd or could the unit be faulty? From an MD beginner