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  1. CPU Upgrade ? Vaio JS-210J all in one

    Update: Decided to go forward and try a Intel Core2 Duo E7500 (2.9ghz) CPU. It works! Booted up fine and recognized. If I had an E8400 I would also try that.. (that's for another day) :-) I'm sure you could go with a e7600 (3ghz cpu too) but I already had the e7500. Should also work in most of the other JS Series (js210 js230 etc..) Cheers
  2. Webcam not working on Sony Vaio

    Found this on web: hope it helps The drivers used by the camera on sve1512j6 are the standard built-in Windows system drivers so you can probably discount that as a cause if the device is not present in Device Manager. To eliminate a system glitch try the following: Open Device Manager and expand Universal Serial Bus Controllers and then delete all in that tree by right clicking each device and selecting ‘Delete’. Shut down, remove the battery and AC power adaptor, and hold down the power button for 30 seconds. Reattach the AC adaptor and battery and reboot. Windows will reinstall all Serial Bus Controllers and hopefully the camera will now be recognised. If this fails to have any effect you will need to consider the possibility of a hardware fault. This will be an expensive repair, if out of warranty, but a cheap alternative would be an external USB camera.
  3. Keyboard Removal

    This is what I found- Hope it helps: How to Remove Replace and Install Your Sony VPC-EA (Black) PCG-61315L Laptop Keyboard 1. View the back of your Sony PCG-61315L Keyboard. If the laptop keyboard has screw holes, then you now you need to remove screws from the bottom base of your plastic bezel. If the keyboard does not have any screw holes, then screws are usually not required to be removed from the bottom of the laptop. 2. Now that you have determined if screws are required to be removed from your Sony PCG-61315L laptop keyboard, we will now pry the keyboard out using a thin object. The first step is to view the top of the keyboard area, also known as the keyboard plastic bezel. If your keyboard has a plastic bezel above your keyboard, you will need to pry it out. If you don’t have a plastic bezel above your keyboard, then you can take a think object. Place the thin object between your Sony PCG-61315L laptop keyboard and the plastic bezel, and pry out the keyboard. 3. Now that your Sony PCG-61315L keyboard has been removed your will need to disconnect the Sony PCG-61315L keyboard cable ribbon from the motherboard. There is usually pins connected to the Sony PCG-61315L motherboard that need to be pushed up/down. Once the keyboard connector cable has been removed from the Sony PCG-61315L laptop keyboard, remove the keyboard. 4. We will now install your new Sony PCG-61315L laptop keyboard. 5. Reconnect the Sony PCG-61315L keyboard to the motherboard. Insert the Sony PCG-61315L Keyboard back into the motherboard. Secure the pins and push the pins in. Once your keyboard is secured, you can now aligned the keyboard with the grooves. Push the keyboard down and in place. If there is a Sony PCG-61315L plastic keyboard bezel, place it back in place. Secure all your Sony PCG-61315L laptop screws back in place. 6. That’s all, you just installed your replacement notebook keyboard!
  4. CPU Upgrade ? Vaio JS-210J all in one

    Greetings all, Upgraded the wifes All in one 20" Vaio JS-210J with SSD and xtra RAM. It currently has a E5200 dual core cpu (LGA775, 2.5 ghz 2mb cache 800bus) CPU. Anyone know if I can upgrade the CPU on these? If so, what can I go up to? (e5800, e6600, e7400 etc..) Thanks Blu