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  1. Hello, I have several MD Sharp models. I have compared the Sharp Md-St770 which sounds correctly with a 3-pole headphone, but when tested with this same headphone on the Sharp Auvi Md-ds8 / Md-ds30 (1bit), the sound quality decreases mostly in detail Musical and diminishes the power of sound, I'm talking about a AUDIOTECHNICA ATH-MX50. In conclusion would be recommended the 4 pole plug. Now, there is no warning to spoil the machine or in any case the amplifier. Is there news or recorded reports ?. I think that the sound quality is reduced because the sound through an Auvi with 3 poles is very
  2. Best regards from Peru. This subject is totally subjective, we are also leaving aside the hardware, of course, we are in a forum where it is discussed about Atrac Sony, but attention, I have a collection of approximately 50 Portable Md of different times and brands. As well as players and recorders. The Atrac versions of the beginning of the 90, make with them recordings taking in consideration the amount of Bits of the source. For example I compared a sony player with an MD recorder from the 90's competition, very good sound quality, but now this same competing recorder, with a 24-bit source
  3. Saludos, en los 90s tenia un Minidisc Sony MZ-R55 grabador, excelente, bueno se perdió lamentable, pero luego conseguí el Minidisc Aiwa AM-F70 que gran calidad de grabación, diría que hasta profesional y me acepta grabación analógica y digital óptica wow!!!, y ahora para reproducir tengo el Minidisc Panasonic SJ-MJ97 el mas pequeño del mundo en el 2004 ganador del premio al mejor diseño en Japón en aquella época, ultra pequeño y de peso: muy, pero muy ligero. MINIDISC ES calidad de sonido EXCEPCIONAL, lo digo por experiencia ya que he comparado el sonido con un ipod nano, Ipod touch 4 y Iphon
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