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    Hi All I could really do with some help with a problem i'm having with my sony vaio VPCEEEE the problem started when the laptop was dropped. I had to replace the screen due to a crack this was done and all started well and good about 2 mins later the screen went off after holding the power button down for 10 second the computer switched off and would start again 2 mins or 3 later the same would happen Next I changed the inverter and the same happened next I replaced the RAM and re-softwared the hard drive it ran through the setup and then ran all the upgrades without crashing thought i'd sorted it out phowever the next time i turned it on it ran for a while and then it did the same screen black but power still on this also happens to both screens if you have a external monitor attached. I,ve now repeated the whole proceedure with a replacement hardrive and its doing the same thing tried with battery in and out Please Please Help computer