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  1. I've decided to sell some of my collection. All are in working condition, with nothing broken unless otherwise noted. I purchased them all used, and did whatever I could to clean and refurbish them. For Sale: Sony MZ-E55 - $50 - Blue - includes battery charger, battery, sidecar battery, remote with display, and carry case. Paint is rough. Sony MZ-E55 - $50 - Silver - includes battery charger, battery sidecar, and remote with display Sony MZ-E44 - $40 - Includes sidecar battery and remote cable. Paint is rough but it still has the pearl effect. Sony MZ-E90 - $60 - includes headphones, battery, battery charger, carry case and remote cable. Paint is rough in some spots. Sony MZ-R90 - $50 - includes headphones, remote cable, sidecar battery, and charger. Battery door doesn't stay shut on its own. Sharp MD-MS722 - $40 - player & recorder, includes carry case, battery, car charger, remote cable with display, and sidecar battery (cover is broken). This one is especially useful because it can erase MDLP discs. Pics here: http://imgur.com/a/dQN0p
  2. MDS-S707?

    I noticed that, thank you. After seeing that there is a fix available I thought I'd take a shot anyway. I like the form factor of the S707/S40/S39....the Js seem to have a lot of empty space inside.
  3. MDS-S707?

    Thanks for that. I doubt i'll ever really understand the Sony deck naming system.
  4. MDS-S707?

    ​Really? Seems like it would have been made later than the S38, since the S40 has fewer features (i.e. no optical out). Very confusing.
  5. MDS-S707?

    Has anyone owned this unit? Oddly it's one of the few decks without any information on Minidisc.org, so I have no idea of its release date or comparison to other units. I know it's SP-only, which is fine, but I'd like to know how it compares to the MDS-S40.
  6. I'm using a few Sony units that use the NH-14WM and newer clone gumstick batteries. I've been recharging them with the original chargers. I have heard that newer chargers exist - should I be using those?
  7. Should I stop buying MD units?

    I get this feeling like it's all going to disappear some day...and i should have backups. It's like I'm playing Fallout 3 carrying 40 assault rifles just so I can repair my main one.​ I have, however, made a pact with myself not to bother with any of the NetMD units. I'm only looking for the MZ-R and MZ-E models through the *90. I've actually just been recording from lossless --> optical --> portable recorder so far. And ​if I got a deck I'd want to get at least one of the units has keyboard input, and i should probably just stick with portables. Oddly enough 2 of the units I bought were purchased only because they came with a lot of blanks. This includes the beat up R70 (actually in pretty good shape, except that the FFWD button is kind of mushy)... ...and the comically-large Sharp MD-MS722 which was advertised as being in "great condition" but was dirty, had a huge dent in the top that prevented discs from loading, a non-working battery, and 2 missing screws. I fixed all those things, and now I have a like-new totally functional MD-MS722 that I can't bring myself to carry. It's more than double the size of my E90.
  8. Should I stop buying MD units?

    Why decks? There are a million J330s out there I keep seeing, but I never really considered them.
  9. Should I stop buying MD units?

    Sensible. Part of the excitement is that I can actually afford to buy a bunch of units now, whereas I was 18 and broke when they first came out. So it's like I'm on some teen game show and I won a shopping spree inside a Best Buy
  10. Should I stop buying MD units?

    I got back into this hobby recently and I love how the Sony player/recorders look and sound. Hitting eBay hard the past few months, I now own: -MZ-R70 (new condition) -MZ-R70 (good condition) -MZ-E55 (very good condition) -MZ-E90 (good condition) -MZ-R90 (very good condition) and yet, I kind of want an E44, R50, and a better-condition E90 if I can find them. Also the red/blue versions of all of these. Tell me to stop?
  11. MZ-E90 squeaking when seeking. Should I attempt a repair?

    Ok. I'll see if that becomes necessary. I put a tiny amount of Tri-Flow on the lead screw and made it seek back and forth a few times. Haven't had a squeak since this morning.
  12. I just picked up a used MZ-E90, and it's working except for kind of loud squeak that happens when it's seeking. It's a bit alarming. After some testing, it looks like the squeak happens when the laser returns all the way to home (closest to the center of the player.) I'm wondering if i should pop it open and see if the mechanism that moves the laser needs lubrication or something. Thoughts?
  13. MZ-R50 battery - mod possible?

    I was thinking about picking up an Mz-R50, but the batteries are nowhere to be found. If I recall, the batteries are about the same size/shape as a AA battery, and indeed these all use 3V power. So I'm wondering if any brave soul has disassembled the R50 battery to see if it could be adapted to house a regular AA battery?
  14. Synchro Rec & iTunes

    It turned out that not even the 1sec track worked properly. The manual actually says that it waits for a 2 second pause. So, I have been adding the 2sec silent tracks inbetween each song on the playlist, and it works. On the upside, I can be sure that when the playlist finishes recording it will have track marks at each real song. Two downsides though: songs that have silence are also picked up, so I end up with a few extra track marks that I have to clear. Also, adding two seconds to each track wastes space, but it's not the end of the world.
  15. Recommend a portable player for me?

    I was able to find a Sony MZ-R70 in new condition, but it's not great for portability - the AA battery bulges out on the back. If possible, I'd like to get a player and keep the R70 aside for recording. Can you recommend a portable player that is: - thin/flat (gumstick battery) - preferably Sony - preferably with Line Out - backlit display Thanks!