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  1. Hi, I believe that I am correct in thinking that Sony Repair Centres do not offer repairs for older Digital Music Players. Had a look online and came up with "Phones and Computers" as a possible place for repair but their reviews are horrendous. Does anybody happen to know a reliable repairer that would be prepared to work on an older Sony Digital Music Player? If possible I would like a repair rather than buying a new product. Hoping someone can help, Thanks
  2. Hi Christopher, Many thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, the method described in the service manual to get into test mode is the one that I am trying with no success. I find this strange since I have used this method in the past to access test mode with no problem. Having found the comment below on another post I do wonder if firmware v3.0 is limiting access to unlocking the volume limiter. Thanks again for your suggestion and I shall keep my fingers crossed that someone else on the forum has found a workaround to achieve unlocking of the volume limiter. Kind Regards, Wayne "Service manual for the NWZ-E46x series of Network Walkmen. Note that in test mode, you cannot override the Sound Pressure check (for volume cap), it is built into the firmware, which is not included here."
  3. Hi, I use my Sony NW-A3000 Digital Music Player with small passive speakers and have firmware 3.0 installed. Serial No. of my unit is 5075656 made in Malaysia. How do I access "test mode" on this model so that I can unlock the volume limiter since volume output at present is too low? I will never be using this unit with headphones so ear damage is not a concern. There are one or two online "fixes" for this but on my unit they do not seem to work. Hoping someone can help, Wayne