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  1. Hi I am a 30 year career professional audio engineer. I selected the SRS-XB2 after auditioning many other units in a department store that had about 10 different models. I used to have Bose Soundlink 2 but the rediculous amount of bass on the unit annoyed me. After getting one unit home I decided to order a 2nd one to take advantage of the dual unit stereo mode. However its instantly apparent that when using 2 units in stereo the L & right signals are reverse phased, leading to cancellation of almost all centralised bass signal and an unatractive sounding mid frequency reproduction When listenting to pop / rock or dance music productions - the kick drum (bass drum) and bass are typically centrally located in the stereo field or 'panorama'. In a correctly phased stereo set up, bass signal from the left and right speaker combined should be additive (ie centrally panned signals should combine 50/50 to make up 100% volume) you should clearly be able to hear the kick drum in the middle and the bass instruments also. But listening with your head in between two equally spaced SRS-XB2 units, there is no such low end signal additive combination (it is clearly subtractive or "bass light") and mid frequency signals exhibit the classic 'eriee / 'behind you' sound that an out of phase stereo speaker set up typically gives you. On a wired speaker set up this would be remedied by swapping the + /- speaker cables on ONE speaker to put them "in phase" Its a shame that such a cool product suffers from this fundimental problem. Would the moderators product evangelists here kindly please test this and bring it to the attention of Sony engineers please? I would like to have a pair of SRS-XB2's that are correctly in phase. (I suspect the rear facing bass units are the culprits, they may need to be "phase flipped" Many thanks, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Relax : dance ringtone, country ringtone, message tones
  2. Export TV sound from HT-XT3 to SRS-X77

    Hi I have an HT-XT3 sound base in the living room, and SRS-X77 speakers in the kitchen I'd like to be able to hear the TV sound on the kitchen speakers - so if I go to make a cup of tea during a film or match, I can still hear the action and drop everything if something happens and run back to the TV. Is it possible to export TV sound from the HT-XT3 to the SRS-X77? When I bought the multi-room stuff I thought that would be an obvious requirement/solution, but I can't see how SongPal allows you to do it! Sorry if there's an obvious solution. Chers, Dave
  3. X88 Volume adjustment, sound and EQ issues

    Hi, I seems to have some issues with my new X88 speaker in that; 1. The volume buttons on the top only adjust the input source and not the actual volume. 2. The EQ settings in the SongPal app make no recognisable difference to the sound (they do on my X77). 3. Overall the sound doesn't seem right, it's shallow with very little bass (very noticeable compared to my X77 and X55). 4. I cannot initialise the speaker using the Vol - key and Stands. I had thought the sound might warm up as the speaker bedded in but there's no change as yet. It has a couple of software updates in the 2 weeks I've had it, no change to these issue though. Any help/steer would be great. If anyone has an X88 it would good to know if these has depth and bass/took time to bed in. Thanks
  4. Hi, does anyone else have this problem? The Sony music app doesn't recognise Albums with the same name from different artistes. E.g. all artistes that have a "greatest hits" album is being shown together under the same album! Is there any other way to solve this other than rename the album for each artistes? Which I hate to do, because I like to keep the original album name. Thanks!