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  1. Major issue with formatting SD card

    I got a new phone today (ZTE ZMAX Pro running Android 6.0) and I took the SD card from my old phone and put it in my new one. I formatted it, unmounted it, and removed it properly. Whenever I try to format it as internal on my new phone, it sticks on 20% and comes up with the following error message: "java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException:Thread Binder_6 gave up waiting for partitionPrivate after 180000ms." I also got another one, the only difference being "Thread Binder_B."So, I restarted it, and wouldn't you know it - it recognized the card. So, I formatted it for photo swapping or whatever it is, and it worked. I then tried formatting as internal, and it did the same thing I mentioned earlier. So, the card will work as usual after some restarts and removals, but is it pretty much screwed for internal formatting?The card is a 64 GB SanDisk class 10 microSDXC, and it works just fine on my computer.EDIT: I just tried with a 16gb card, and it worked fine. I guess the question now is: is the 64 gb card able to be saved? music ringtones free, holiday ringtones cheap thrills lyrics, side to side lyrics