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  1. I need one of these, or a tip as to where to find one, or information about suitable substitutes. This is not any disposable battery, but the mainboard battery for this deck. It appears on the service schematic as 'NiCd Battery', and shows up in the parts listing (pg. 88) as either of 1-528-797-21 or 1-528-797-31. The physical dimension of the battery is idiosyncratic. I tried to fit a substitute and it would not go in to the saddle. While I am at it, I'd like to find a LIP-8 for the portable unit, too, but this is a lower priority.
  2. Oh! I get it. This board has battery "coffins" built into it with typical contacts and a spring inside of each. I closed it up for now, but as soon as I get a pair of fresh batteries, I'll open it again and photograph and post the innards. Thanks for the help!
  3. Thanks for the replies! Those telephone batteries look right. Why would I need those tabs welded to the contacts?
  4. Thanks. To be clear, I am talking about the two _rechargeable_ Ni-Cd batteries that are nestled in the system board and require disassembly to reach. As I recall, I bought this in Taiwan in 1997, or so. It is a thing of beauty, and I always took care of it, and even stored it carefully. Nineteen years, however, take their toll regardless. I found the service manual on the Internet this morning, and on page 61, among the schematics, a note reads: RECHAGEABLE BATTERY (Nicd) SIZE "AA" (IEC DESIGNATION R6) 2PCS 3V Trouble is, batteries like these two are obsolete
  5. (Update: The portable unit was not seated properly in the deck. Incessant poking and pushing resulted in the seating of the rear corner of the MZ-R5ST into the MZS-R5ST deck and, voila, the power came on! I ended up just cleaning the old system batteries and putting them back in for the time being.) [Original Issue:] I took my old faithful MZS-R5ST out of storage, plugged it in, ejected and reconnected the MZ-R5ST player unit, and the whole deck went dark. My heart sank and it hasn't come back. The unit was not misused or abused. On the contrary! However, it was stored for some time. It d
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