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  1. guys, you rules ! Indeed, I powered them off just by unplugging the cord before servicing ... The test mode with AMS + STOP worked fine. Display on, all button working but unfortunatly the repeat button did not work. I did check the ribbon cable a million time even before posting this thread. No better luck. However ! I remembered showing to my kids how the motor was turning and moving the laser head from right to left .... Moving the head back in park position simply solved the problem on both drives ... Two conclusions : - NGY was right. - Never works wi
  2. Dear Expert, I'm looking for help for two decks (JE640 & JE780) facing the same issue : I've opened them and dismanteled the loading mechanism to change the loading belt (drive wasn't ejecting disk but was working fine before repair work). I've not touched anything else and both decks do not wake up. The light "standby" is red but the button power on doesn't do anything. I've already completed successfull belt replacement on other decks (JE770) and do not understand why those one are still asleep. Anyone has an idea ? Regards, Rudy
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