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  1. Hello everybody! I'm getting back into Minidisc after a few years, and need advice on a good(and relatively cheap) unit for recording. I used to have a Sony MDS-JB930, but I regrettably sold that several years ago and am now using an MZ-N505(with deadhead) and MZ-R70. My questions are: What ATRAC version should I go for? I've heard 4.0+ and Type-R/S is best for recording? Should I get a full-sized deck, or is a portable OK for recording? I have heard varying accounts on this. Source will mostly be FLAC via optical from PC, and all recording will be done in real-time. Playback will be on the aforementioned MZ-N505, MZ-R70, and an MZ-R37 that I will be picking up in the future. These forums are a wealth on knowledge and I'm glad to be here