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  1. Please help! MD Simple Burner Problem

    fight song lyrics, bad thing lyrics I've used MD Simple Burner to record CDs to minidiscs for years. All of a sudden, the program will not regognize the unit. If it does, I get an error messsage that says that "the files can not be read because they are being used by another program". Sometimes it says that there is not enough room on the disc-although I know there is. I have not changed any settings on my PC. I did install a PCI card for a video surveillance camera but I don't see how this could have changed any PC settings..Please help!
  2. I used windows 8 to delete some files from my kidney-shaped sony 'walkman', thinking they were data files. It seems they were my entire music tracks. It says I have "No data" and will not play anything. There are still 'files' visible when I plug it into my USB, but I can't recognize the type or play them.All my bak-up tracks went with my old computer. I have just put sonic-stage software on my new computer. Is there anything I can do to restore the deleted tracks? Can anyone help me please? https://songlyricsaz.mobi/hallelujah-lyrics-3514.html https://songlyricsaz.mobi/cake-ocean-lyrics-298.html Thanks,