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  1. Frustration!

    DieselPower mate - you are a star! Moved the lens tray back and forth a couple of times and it is now playing perfectly. It had obviously just seized up through non-use. Once again, a big thank you!
  2. Frustration!

    Thanks for tour reply. I thought it was going to be bad news. Oh well - back to eBay after doing some research into compatible player/recorders. As an aside, do you know anyone that repairs person MD players?
  3. Frustration!

    Sorry if this has all been covered elsewhere, but I am new to this forum so please be gentle. I have an MZ-NH600 personal minidisc player/recorder that, when I came to use it after a few years of non-use, stubbornly refuses to 'see' any disc loaded into it. It always comes up with the message 'No disc'. I tried cleaning the laser but to no avail. Wanting to listen to some of my old minidiscs, I purchased an MZ-N707 from a seller on eBay and it arrived today. It had a minidisc in it and it worked perfectly with that disc. However, the minute I try to play any of my discs, I get the same result: the display scrolls 'Hi-MD Disc', a '-80.59 REMAIN' message, the track number is displayed, the track timer advances as it should but there is no sound. If I press the 'Play' button, there is a beep that lasts about three seconds and then nothing. Have you any idea what is going on? Is there some inherent incompatibility between my discs and the 'new' player? Do I just have to accept that I have lost all that music and start again? Thanks for any help you can give.