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  1. SonicStage 4.3 Ultimate Edition

    All of the links for Windows Installer 2.0, DirectX 9.0c, Windows Media Format 9, Windows Media Format 9.5, and Data Access Components 2.5 are not working, just to let you know.
  2. Frustration!

    haha nice man. I fixed it for myself doing that tonight too. I was so happy. Made me appreciate the sound even more when i got it working.
  3. md not spinning error 13

    What does the manual have for error 13?
  4. Difference between blank minidiscs manufacturers?

    I've never liked memorex blanks. Their cds and dvd blanks turned yellow within a very short period of time and then my data disappeared. For other name brand minidiscs, I've used plenty, mainly TDK and Sony and I've never had a problem with them.
  5. Frustration!

    When you have the lid open what position is the lens tray at? If its anywhere but near the spindle, try sliding the lens tray over and see if that helps. My NH1 kept grinding on any disc I inserted until I tried that and it fixed it for me.
  6. Took my NH1 out of storage and I was devastated to find the usb to md cable had disintegrated. I plugged it into the pc anyway to try and charge the walkman which I then remembered would not work. It put the NH1 into pc mode and it kept on trying to read the disc. I then forcefully unplugged it while the disc was spinning and used the docking station to try and charge it. Unfortunately the AC charging cable was falling to bits too (lol) and the md walkman reported a long 'busy please wait a moment' message. Me being impatient, popped the disc out cause i was dying to listen to something on it having had it in storage for 5 years, possibly more. Subsequent attempts to load the disc just made the nh1 make grinding noises. I then tried to trouble shoot the error by recording to a blank disc. It recorded about 2minutes then reported a disc read error. I assume the 2min mark was the limit of the memory buffer. I examined the disc tray as i inserted and removed the disc to check that the cover was opening properly and it looked like it was. I then used a pen to shove the disc head to the side furthest from the motor, let it try loading the disc again then I opened it to see if the position of the lens had move. It hadn't. So next I shoved the lens head to the side closest to the motor, closed the lid and it read the disc ok!!! I'm so happy I didn't break it so if youre walkman is having problems reading all discs the lens might not be in the right starting position for it to work. Not sure why it doesnt reset its position when a disc is inserted. The sound on the NH1 is sooo good. Right now I am listening to a disc I recorded in 2001 and the sound smashes the dac on my $1k phone.
  7. I've successfully removed deep scratches from my remote screen by continually rubbing the screen with my fingernail whenever I'm out and about with my MD Walkman. My fingernail is pretty soft so it can't scratch the flat unscratched parts but it does rub the 'ridges' away causing the scratches to go away.