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  1. DMD-1000 Help

    I am aware of this and i have been selecting the correct input
  2. DMD-1000 Help

    Philippe: yes i have tried both with no luck. UPDATE I have managed to try from an optical source and the recording works as it should. Im thinking it could be a failed electrical component? Also i have tried to find a full schematic for the unit but the only reference i can fi d has several pages missing.
  3. DMD-1000 Help

    No its analogue only. I have a teac pd d700 and (also an old technics pg440 which the display is dead).
  4. DMD-1000 Help

    I only have analogue equipment so i havent been able to try the digital inputs unfortunately. And as this is my first MD purchase i only bought blank sony discs so i currently have nothing tl test the playback. Its worth noting that the poor input quality i mentioned is the same when playing back what i have attempted to record.
  5. DMD-1000 Help

    Im certain i have the wiring correct, and that my amplifier is working for recording as i have used it for cassette recordings recently. If i am to turn up the input level to max and record... then playback and turn the volume right up i can hear a VERY poor recording which is almost inaudible to the ear. I would then say that there is something very slight being picked up but its almost negligable.
  6. DMD-1000 Help

    Hi this is my first post and im new to MD in general. Iv just bought a denon dmd1000 from ebay after alot of research and im having alot of trouble getting up and running. In the manual it says to adjust input level until 'OVER' is no longer displayed... and i cannot seem to get this to work. I really hope im missing something obvious and i havnt bought a dud. FYI my amp is a technics SU-V660 and ive tried recording inputs from thr CD deck, tuner and also aux connected to my phone music player. Any help would be really amazing!