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  1. Inspected it little more, seems that deck play md better when it's just turned on, and it's cold. When it warms up it start to have difficulties to find track's starting point and it could take like 2min before it start some particular track. But even it start it could have freezing etc. But as I said earlier, if I go back and forth in tracks with forward/backward and track selection knob, it could play more normally. Sometimes it play whole md, something at least some of tracks before problems. Which parts in laser tracking mechanim need lubing, and which kind of lube would be suitable?
  2. I just yestarday fixed load belt problem in my Sony MDS-JE470 md-deck, haven't use it almost at all in many years(althought it has been in shelves ready to use), disc eject work perfectly now but at same time remembered what was another problem. When I start to play disc, at first it can start normally, play to somewhere middle of disc and then it start to have difficulties to start that later track, and even if it start to play it could jam(skipping noise) and I see from time display that it doesn't move. Yesterday there was little bit difference between cold and warmed up device, and I also managed to play few problematic md's with fast forwarding back and forth and also rotating track selection from 1st track to last track many times. So if I understand right, those problems are related to tracking/laser-mechanism which moves under minidisc(?) Is there something which I could do to make deck work better or does it need some replacing parts etc?
  3. Minidisc Deck JE770 Eject Belt Fix?

    Damn, it was actually easy to put in place, in JE470 mechanism is quite open from front side, I just unscrew those four corner screws and that little earth-wire and I didn't even unplugged those flat big wires from mechanism at all. I just lifted disc tray mechanism so I saw inside from front side, took old worn belt away and put new in, voila! Now my Je470 works again and Emperor's IX Equilibrium play nicely and majestically. Oh well, found new problem, after listening one md about hour(and deck i warm now) it started to lose/skipping on last tracks. Even if I put another disc it doesn't want to start and when it starts it also start skipping straight away. I can see how track time display also goes back and forth. Have to wait a little if that's something which is connected to that warming up.
  4. Minidisc Deck JE770 Eject Belt Fix?

    Got load belt(s) which I ordered from ebay, when I have time I check if I'm capable to do that fix to my JE470. Although I ordered also supposedly working JE480 which I could use in all cases.
  5. As in title, does JE470's remote "RM-D47M" work with JE480 which original own remote is "RM-D10E"? I have functionality problems in my 470 and it seems that most ppl sell 480's, many w/out remote so could I use my old remote with 480?
  6. Minidisc Deck JE770 Eject Belt Fix?

    As I said, I have JE470, which models use same belt so when I buy it from net it would be a right one?
  7. Minidisc Deck JE770 Eject Belt Fix?

    I guess I have to make something to my JE470 too, because after long break of using it it doesn't eject disc which has been inside for years. Motor get in high revs and buzzing a much but doesn't eject.