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  1. Thanks guys, I will try to sort this out by opening the MD and see what can be done. Maybe it's a loose soldering. Sorry for the double post.
  2. Hi I am trying to revive my 16 years old Sony MZ R500.. The device plays with no problem my old MD's ( which I recorded 16 years ago ). The problem is with recording .. ( no surprise here .. ) The recording process will start, the device is recording until I press STOP. Then a flashing "SAVE" appears - probably reading the buffer , followed by a flashing "END" - writing the TOC. I am monitoring the recording with earphones and there is no evidence of the problem. While playback the recorded MD, it turns out that the recording has blanks on it. The audio will start but then after a couple of seconds it will go away (the counter is still running ! ). The audio will return eventually but not from the point it stopped. Then again, after a couple of seconds it disappears again. Reading the same Disc with a Sony MDS JE530 reveals the same problem. Recorded MD's from the 530 plays fine on the MZR 500 along with my old MD's which I recorded 16 years ago on the MZ R500 .. Anyhow, I tried to synchronize the blank spaces with the spin up and down during the recording * but it seems that the blanks appears in a different locations in the track - meaning audio has blanks even when the disc was spinned up while recording. * BTW, is it normal for the MD to spin up and down while recording ? I though spinning up and down is for playback mode only. I tried digital and analogue source, Standard/LP2/LP4 - same problem. I used a new battery and replaced it when I realized that there was a problem but got the same result. Unfortunately I don't have the power supply. Any help will be appreciated Thanks in advance the_1_shark