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  1. Wanted! Charge Cradle for MZ-E10

  2. Hi, Looking for a charge cradle(BCA-MZE10) for the MZ-E10. Anyone..? /Lubbe
  3. Take apart my MZ-E10 for maintain the system.

    Thanks for the reply! I was a bit unclear in my previous post, what I am missing is actually the cradle. AC i have..sorry
  4. Take apart my MZ-E10 for maintain the system.

    Hi, new to this forum. Sorry for resurrecting this old thread... I recently got my hands on an old MZ-E10. Unfortunately I have no charger/cradle for it. Does anybody have one for sale, or knows where I could find one? Or maybe somebody knows of any alternative charger that might fit? I would really appreciate any help! Thanks, Lubbe