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  1. Panasonic SJ-MR100 display repair

    I didn't check those places actually. While I've had my minidisc players for a while, I'm new to searching for anything on them on the internet. I only just decided to start searching the other day when I stumbled upon this forum. I just looked in both those places, and did manage to find a service manual for my SJ-MJ55 which will come in handy. Nothing on the slightly newer models, but that's ok, I'm still way further ahead with these other two service manuals. I've fixed both my SJ-MR100 players now, my other player wouldn't record, but that service manual gave me a helpful hint and I was able to get it both playing and recording like new.
  2. Panasonic SJ-MR100 display repair

    I was able to get it apart and fix it with this service manual. I can now track my titles again! Say, rather than me make another thread, would you know where to find service manuals for the model SJ-MJ59? (Also Panasonic) SJ-MJ57 and SJ-MJ58 are also close enough that they would be useful. Thanks!
  3. Panasonic SJ-MR100 display repair

    That's just what I needed, thank you!
  4. Hey all, new here. I'm not even sure if this is the right forum, since I have a Panasonic Minidisc, but this is the only minidisc forum I could find that is still active. Anywho, I have a Panasonic SJ-MR100 which at first was loosing connection with the display, but now it's downright just not going on. I figure I could fix it if I could get the darn lid off. The bottom of the player comes off easy peasy, but there's something stopping the top portion from coming off after the screws are all taken out. I know this is a long shot, but if anybody has any knowledge on servicing these things all help is appreciated.