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  1. Sony MZ-RH1

    Hi Philippe Many thanks for the prompt reply! Where are you from ? Switzerland Do you accept to send your unit to another country ? Yes Do you accept a money transfer or a Paypal payment ? Money Transfer How much your MZ-RH1 box & accessories are completed ? I do not have the Box anymore but all the accessories are completed. Do you have the original box with the user manuals ? No Do you have a pack of Hi-MD discs to sell with it ? Yes (If required) is the LIP-4WM still able to get the charge ? Yes, I used the minidisc only a few times Is the OLED screen still bright ? Absolutely Is there some scratches or a has the unit been hurted ? No
  2. Sony MZ-RH1

    Hi I did not find any category for my question, so I write it here. I'm going to sale my Sony MZ-RH1 and the mic. ECM-MS907. They are in perfect conditions and work as new. Which could be a "honest price" for them? Thanks a lot for your help! L.D.