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  1. Help Needed: Music Recorded to Minidisc (Will Pay)

    Recording units? Sorry :\ I'm not incredibly knowledgeable about the hardware yet, and my preliminary research indicates I would be paying $100+ (including shipping) for a recorder I would only likely be using once, so I figured it would make more sense to reach out to a place like this. If you need further proof that this is a legitimate venture, here's a link to the Kickstarter that this will serve as a promotional item for. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1113141213/crossniq
  2. Help Needed: Music Recorded to Minidisc (Will Pay)

    Unfortunately, here in the US, the typical recorder online is $90+ from my research on eBay. If you know of any good resources, or know any I've missed, please send a link my way!
  3. Hi, all I'm a game developer looking to record music to Minidisc as a promotional giveaway item for project I'm working on. As MD recorders aren't exactly easy to come by nowadays, I'm reaching out to this community to see if there would be anybody interested in recording a set of music tracks from the project onto MD. I will provide the MDs and music tracks (in any format required, I have the WAV masters) - all I would need is your help writing the tracks to MD. I would pay you for your work, plus shipping - if anyone is interested, we can discuss pricing. Thank you! I really hope this works out - MD is such a neat format and being able to pull this off would really be something special. As far as I know, no video game has ever distributed soundtracks on MD before - this would be a first :-)