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  1. Hi yes i am getting two tracks joined up and a number of tracks not sync-recording properly, when i press stop on the MD and start playing the media player again it goes to next track number or if im sync-recording it pretty much does both of the same 01 03 05 or two tracks joined up ? If i press stop on the media player the MD starts flashing digital waiting for music input to record when it's sync-recording the tracks it's doing the following 01 03 05 07 09?
  2. Hi i have been recording using the PCLK-U5 usb digital audio convertor to my Sony MZ-N710, Im using the sync-record and im getting a track list in this order song 01 03 05 07 09 11 13 15 17 and so on, it is not sync-recording with track 01 02 03 04 05, I used windows media player, jet audio, audacity, and other media players but they all do the same recording with the tracks skipping a number ?
  3. Hello does anyone know where i can buy a OEM Sony MD Walkman OPTICAL Pick Up Assembly LCX-4R / X-3379-508-1 for a low price ?
  4. Model # MZ-R900 Recording Problem

    When you say extremely difficult to fix, how would i go about it ? i have the service manual for this unit, would i need a new part such as OW and cable ? and would any soldering have to be done to for the cable or OW?
  5. Hi i have a Model # MZ-R900 with a recording problem , the unit is still able to play pre recorded MD from another sony md unit , the MZ-R900 won't record and play it back properly , theres a strange humm coming from underneath the unit after a recording with numbers in the display clocking forwards sluggishly. when i record on the unit , the numbers clock on properly without the strange humm , just when i try to playback after a recording , im getting the blankdisk error ? What happened was i accidently opened the unit door whilst it was TOC editing and ejected the disc resulting in no recording ? help ?