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  1. Just bought an MZ-1, but can't eject the disc

    Hello, the supplier is http://www.kkpmo.com . Quite clearly, you will not find 1:1 replacements, but you can order custom made spur gears. When you combine together the gears (special glue / brazing) and use proper shaft sleeves as spacers, you can get a perfect replacement for worn out or broken gears. In my unit I had missing cogs on midway gears B and C 4-955-496/7, I replaced them with metal gears (brass). Module is M0.3. I have now ordered some spares for a D-Z555 unit with stuck sled. In that case M0.25.
  2. Just bought an MZ-1, but can't eject the disc

    Hi guys, should anyone still be interested in this thread, I have managed to source equivalent spur gears for fixing the infamous issue with the MZ-1 no longer ejecting disks. Just fixed mine for super cheap money. Not for the faint of heart, but doable.