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  1. Maybe “brazed” is not technically most correct, maybe “soldered” is the right word. Anyhow, what I want to highlight is that the combined gears are not supplied in one piece, but they are two elements combined together. I considered various options, best one would have been friction welding, to keep the gears clean an neat, but impossible, at least for me. Some kind of glue might have worked too, but eventually I opted for soldering the elements together, using, in fact, solder. Concerning the OP, I will try to swap components with working units, just to narrow down the area of investigation, will then go through your checklist. Thanks. One question, if I may. I noticed that one unit tends to slightly scratch the disc surface during recording, or at least this is what I believe I see. Recording is otherwise OK. So, here I assume the magnetic head is calibrated too low and is too aggressive on the surface. Is there any procedure for adjusting the height?
  2. Hi Guys, some update on my last repair. Unfortunately, after fixing the loading mechanism, the unit is still not working. Disc is loaded, but seems to me that the optical pick up is dead, as the disc is not recognized during the TOC reading (“DISC ERROR” - pick up is not moving, but if you manually move it, it does go back to initial state upon disc insertion, so it’s not the motor). Unit is a poor purchase on eBay, didn’t put much attention to the pictures and bought it for dirt cheap. Unfortunately, the unit is quite battered, chassis dented, missing “edit” slider, “rec” one is broken. One disc stuck inside, when I pull it out, the surface was visibly and badly scratched, like if someone tried to make lever with a screwdriver or what. So, probably it was not so “I don’t know, never touched” as promised. Amen... Back to the optics, I have reason to believe that someone tried to disassemble the unit for ejecting the disk, but did not shorted the pick up lead before disconnecting it and just blew it. Any opinion / suggestion in this regard? Anyhow, the unit seems to be an early one, logic board sn is 1-645-916-11, whereas the other two units I have are rev 12. On this one there’s an awful lot of hard wiring and some small boards patched on the main ones.
  3. As I just fixed another unit, I’m sharing a couple of pictures showing the gears and the assembly.
  4. Hello, the supplier is http://www.kkpmo.com . Quite clearly, you will not find 1:1 replacements, but you can order custom made spur gears. When you combine together the gears (special glue / brazing) and use proper shaft sleeves as spacers, you can get a perfect replacement for worn out or broken gears. In my unit I had missing cogs on midway gears B and C 4-955-496/7, I replaced them with metal gears (brass). Module is M0.3. I have now ordered some spares for a D-Z555 unit with stuck sled. In that case M0.25.
  5. Hi guys, should anyone still be interested in this thread, I have managed to source equivalent spur gears for fixing the infamous issue with the MZ-1 no longer ejecting disks. Just fixed mine for super cheap money. Not for the faint of heart, but doable.
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