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  1. Unplayable OMG files

    How do I play DRM protected OMG files? I have a load of recordings of my own band, but didn't back then up thru SS, and now have a load of files I can't play. The PC I used originally long since died. I know that FFMPEG and VLC player are supposed to play OMA files, but what about OMG? Don't seem to be able to recover these anywhere
  2. Unplayable OMG files

    What are the names of these files and where are they installed? I can still access a full backup of the disc and go thru the system files
  3. Unplayable OMG files

    They don't play in VLC. When I try to play the file in ffplay I get the error : [oma @ 0000000000400600] Format oma detected only with low score of 1, misdetection possible! [oma @ 0000000000400600] Couldn't find the EA3 header ! g:\testfile.omg: Invalid data found when processing input The files were made by SS ver
  4. Unplayable OMG files

    The files were recorded with a Sony Hi-MD MZ-NH900. The laptop I originally downloaded them to has died, but I have recovered the files. All the recordings were originally downloaded from the Minidisc as OMG files. I have tried to play them on several computers, running XP thru Win7, with several versions of Sonic Stage, but get the error 'Cannot load rights information for selected file'. I have tried OMG2OMA, but it says it doesn't work with Hi-MD tracks (which mine are), and doesn't work. Just gives me a log file of failures. So I have a lot of OMG files that I cannot play. Any help appreciated